Grant Michaels

Pro Footballer
Seattle Native

Meet Grant

My name is Grant Michaels. I’m a professional soccer player born in the United States. I’m currently playing professional indoor soccer for the Tacoma Stars (MASL).  My journey has led me from the Arctic circle in Sweden to the beaches in Sydney, Austraila and everywhere in between. On the field I’m a vocal defender leading the lines. Off the field, you’ll find me learning to surf, watching American college football…. and doing what I enjoy most, traveling the world. I’m just getting started!

My Story

My story begins with a $10 pair of cleats. Growing up, I played most sports except one…soccer. At age 15, having never touched a soccer ball before, I made the high school freshman team. I’ve never looked back.  I now have the privilege of calling my passion my “work,” getting to play professional soccer all over the globe. 

After high school I continued my playing days at Bellevue College. I then transferred to my dream university, The University of Texas at Austin, to pursue what I thought was my certain career path — broadcast journalism. That changed quickly after graduation as I had an opportunity to go to Sweden to play two trial matches. A coach identified me and signed me. I was all in. Just like that, I was living across the world in Northern Sweden with just a carry on bag (wouldn’t recommend). 

After my season I returned to the U.S. and went on to play for two semi-pro teams (FC Arizona & WV United) in the NPSL and USL2 before signing my first professional contract with the Michigan Stars (NISA), where I spent two seasons. After a mid-season transfer, I finished the season with Flower City Union in New York. The following season I signed in the second division in Australia with Newcastle Olympic. After returning from another season abroad I was introduced to the Major Arena Soccer League (MASL), where I’ve spent time with the Dallas Sidekicks and Tacoma Stars. 

Player Bio




6'3 (190cm) 200 lbs (90kg)

Date of Birth

June 7th, 1996

Current Team

Tacoma Stars (MASL)


"Grant Michaels is more than just a great soccer player - he's an outstanding asset to any team. His defensive prowess is clinical & solid. What really sets Grant apart is his leadership skills. He is always willing to listen to his fellow teammates, guiding them towards success with his infectious positivity. It's clear that Grant plays with passion, heart, and a strong sense of determination."
Ryan Griffiths
Australian National Team
"I've known Grant for several years and the passion he brings to a team environment is infectious. When the team is flat, when people don't know where the answers will come from, Grant's the guy in the middle of the huddle keeping players energized, keeping them positive and believing."
Shannon Cole
Former A-League Player
"We first identified Grant Michaels as a target when we played him and his former club mid-season. Right away myself and the staff were impressed with his qualities at a time when we desperately needed stability in our back line. We made a move for Grant and successfully landed him at our club for the second half of the season. He brought exactly what we had hoped: security, defensive organization and a reliable presence. What we didn't anticipate though, and probably the biggest quality, was Grant the human being. His leadership qualities, professionalism and locker room presence added as much value to us off the pitch as his abilities did on the pitch."
Colton Bly
Former Flower City Manager, U.S. Soccer Educator
"Every team needs a leader. When I saw Grant the first time I knew I had one for my team. He has personality, character, determination and encourages and brings out the best in players around him both in training and in matches."
Stuart Gibson
UEFA A-License Coach
"Grant was a brilliant addition to our team because, not only was he an excellent defender, he was a great person and teammate. I would sign him again tomorrow if I could."
Daniel Smee
2x NCAA National Champion

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